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Introducing The Soundtrack That'll Keep You Warm Honne A Cold Night

Honne, the UK duo behind one of our fave tunes of 2016 - 'Someone That Loves You' drop their debut album 'Warm On a Cold Night' this week and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Read More Posted 22 Jul 2016

The 2016 A-Z Of Australian Electronic Music

Electronic music down under is booming in every sense of the word at the moment, check out our A-Z list of some of the more interesting acts doing the rounds in 2016.

Read More Posted 16 Jul 2016

Venus II Will Get Inside Your Head with Inside Your Sun

BRB just busy trippin' balls to the new visuals for Venus II's Inside Your Sun...

Read More Posted 10 Jun 2016

Five New Songs By Mystery Artists You Need To Get Around

From Daft Punk to ZHU, some of the biggest artists around have gone about their career in a mysterious way. Here are five we reckon could go the distance without seeing their face.

Read More Posted 18 May 2016

Demo Taped Hits The Studio

Demo Taped won us over late last year with his 'Game On' demo tape and now it's only a matter of time before it's literally Game On for the young artist outta Atlanta.

Read More Posted 21 Apr 2016

Introducing The Tornado Mind Of Hoodlem

We chatted to the enigmatic and mysterious vocalist behind the Hoodlem project and delved into her/their (we told you it's a mystery) debut EP...

Read More Posted 13 Apr 2016

Ones To Watch: Gonzo Jones

Gonzo Jones' ode to primal attraction in the shape of debut single Misty Dreams sounds like Mac DeMarco making out with Michael Hutchence and we're pretty bloody hooked.

Read More Posted 16 Mar 2016

Running Through Genres with Running Touch

We caught up with Melbourne's Running Touch to discuss his musical journey so far and also dig into the influences of his new tracks.

Read More Posted 3 Feb 2016

Songs To Chill The F**k Out To with Wishes

We got Wishes, one of our fave musical discoveries of 2015 to e-a-s-e us in to 2016 by curating a 'Songs To Chill The Fuck Out To' playlist.

Read More Posted 12 Jan 2016

Lower Spectrum Sure Can Select Em

One of Australia's most underrated electronic musicians selects a dozen songs you may have overlooked this year.

Read More Posted 18 Dec 2015

Peep The Peeps Of Tomorrow

Dylan Joel, E^ST, Kilter and UV boi are joining forces for an all ages tour along the east coast of Oz very appropriately titled Tomorrow’s People. Get to know the 4 wunderkinds a little bit better.

Read More Posted 17 Dec 2015

The BBC Sound of 2016 Open

We took the BBC Sound of 2016 Long List and turned it into some kind of sporting tournament bracket to work out the winner. As you do.

Read More Posted 5 Dec 2015