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TFW You Discover Techno

Reason #765349 to f**king love the sh!t out of the internet...

Read More Posted 5 Apr 2016

8 Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-It Musician Cameos In The New Veronica And Lewis Video

This one's for fans of film theory, we analyse the latest Veronica & Lewis video frame by frame to reveal secret appearances by SAFIA and a slew of others.

Read More Posted 15 Sep 2015

Who Said It: Kanye or a President?

Who Said It: Kanye or a President? Take our quiz and find out if you're a college dropout or see if you can graduate with flying colours!

Read More Posted 11 Sep 2015

The Best and the Worst of #tvshowbandnames

The best and worst of our #tvshowbandnames series... Be warned, you can't unsee Sex and the City and Colour :/

Read More Posted 8 Sep 2015

Soundtracking The VMAs Outfits

At the VMAs yesterday everybody made a point of saying it was all about the music but let’s be honest - with beefs, nudity and drugs aplenty not much of it was about the music. So, we thought we’d bring it back to the music by soundtracking the looks of the evening - pairing each outfit with a song that might help us better understand what they were trying to say through their fashun.

Read More Posted 1 Sep 2015

SITG Literal Band Name Pics

To celebrate the awesome lineup for 2015's Splendour in the Grass festival, we’ve put together a special edition of our award winning ‪#‎literalbandnamepics‬ series.

Read More Posted 22 Jul 2015


Read More Posted 10 Jul 2015

8 Years Have Passed...

and Justice’s † is still second to nun when it comes to bangin’ disco/electro house records.

Read More Posted 22 Jun 2015

Foals LOLS

While we all wait patiently for Foals to release some audio that’s longer than 12 or 22 seconds off their new record to drop, here’s a link to a something

Read More Posted 15 Jun 2015

Never Mind The Interest Rates


Read More Posted 12 Jun 2015

The Fine Art of Flerm

Can we pls just take a second to appreciate the art skills of Flerm. Let’s be honest, the dude is never not nailing it.

Read More Posted 11 Jun 2015

Is It a Bangr?

For those moments when you’re not quite sure if a track is a banger or not…

Read More Posted 3 Jun 2015