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Circles Within Circles (Within Circles)

From Alan Vega/Suicide to Neneh Cherry to Vivien Goldman and back again!

Read More Posted 23 Jul 2016

This Quote Tho.

Alan Vega was never short on quotables and this just might be the best of the best... R.I.P

Read More Posted 21 Jul 2016

The Crash Landing Of Rocket USA - RIP Alan Vega

We pay respect to Suicide's Alan Vega, a musical pioneer who influenced and changed the lives of too many of our fave bands to mention and ours too. RIP.

Read More Posted 19 Jul 2016

HER Story (Behind HIS Story)

Light In The Attic Records have turned a musical myth into a funk rock reality with their Betty Davis - The Columbia Years 1968-1969 release... Insert *prayer hands* emoji here.

Read More Posted 30 Jun 2016

Richard Ashcroft Sure Looks Like a Rock Star...

Sure, Richard Ashcroft might look like a rock star, but is he still actually one??

Read More Posted 29 Apr 2016

There's No Other Star Like David Jones.

Mr David Jones. Such a plain, common name for a man who ended up changing the entertainment world. Not long after Brixton-born musician Jones changed his surname to Bowie, he began turning pop music on its head...

Read More Posted 19 Jan 2016

Life, Love and Farewell

Remembering one of the BIG Easy's downright funkiest cats Allen Toussaint, not only for his incredible behind the scenes production and songwriting but also as an amazing performer.

Read More Posted 12 Nov 2015

HBO's Game Of Stones

The new HBO series "Vinyl" based on the rise of The Rolling Stones looks like a bloody good time.

Read More Posted 7 Oct 2015

Back Seat Betty

A film is in the works about Betty Davis, the OG nasty gal of funk who married, changed (for the better) and left Miles Davis in a single year. WOULD. WATCH.

Read More Posted 22 Sep 2015

Oh Lord Won’t You Buy Me... a Porsche Cabriolet?

FOR SALE 1 x custom painted 1965 Porsche 356C 1600 Cabriolet. One (not very careful, often drunken) previous lady owner. Offers welcome.

Read More Posted 18 Sep 2015

Amazing Grace.

10 reasons why the world needs Grace Jones' upcoming book "I'll Never Write My Memoirs"

Read More Posted 16 Sep 2015

Worshipping The Paper Gods Since '82

We caught up with a bat shit crazy (in the best possible way) Duran Duran fan and asked them to pick the 5 items in their ridiculously epic DD collection they couldn't live without.

Read More Posted 11 Sep 2015