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Vinally, A TV Show We Might Be Able To 'Get Down' To

OK, so HBO's 'Vinyl' was a let down but fingers crossed Baz Luhrmann's 'The Get Down' breathes life into the often shite musical drama genre.

Read More Posted 27 Jul 2016

Catching Up With Melbourne's Queen Of The Beats - Alice Ivy

We chatted to Alice Ivy in the middle of her 'Almost Here' singles tour about how she goes about creating her unique vibe and why making a full length record is her penultimate goal.

Read More Posted 13 Jul 2016

TGIFF - An A-Z Of Underground-ish Hip Hop Jams

Thank God It's Flashback Friday! This week we take it back to the A-Z Of Underground-ish Hip Hop Jams that our very own Maccy originally put together for the lords over at Pilerats last year...

Read More Posted 24 Jun 2016

This Much Is True... Respect.

Set Adrift on memory bliss... We pay respect to PM Dawn's Prince Be who passed away last week at the way too early age of 46.

Read More Posted 24 Jun 2016

Ali's Smash (Rap) Hits

From The Sugarhill Gang to The Wu-Tang Clan, rappers have always been suckers for Muhammad Ali references in their tracks. Here are some of our faves...

Read More Posted 8 Jun 2016

Going In-Depth With Our Singles Club Rapper Mathas

We caught up with the latest member of the Cool Accidents Singles Club, Perth rap cat Mathas and got the low down about his forthcoming tour and latest jam 'Bravo Troll'

Read More Posted 22 Apr 2016

Golden Rules Australian Tour Q&A

Hip Hop’s most promising duo of 2015 - Golden Rules are coming to Australia this week and Cool Accidents sometimes-journalist and perpetual Paul White fanboy Huwston gets the scoop from the Producer about what to expect.

Read More Posted 3 Dec 2015

Music Video Premiere! Marcus - Trees

We don't do a lot of music video premieres around these parts but when we were asked recently if we'd like to roll out the brand new vid for Australian rap cat Marcus we fired back a quick and resounding YES PLS.

Read More Posted 17 Nov 2015

Trill Seeker - An Interview with Amerigo Gazaway

We caught up with super Producer-DJ-Musician and master of the mash, Amerigo Gazaway.

Read More Posted 5 Nov 2015

Sampa The Great: “I’m Great, You’re Great, We’re All Great”

Not only is Sampa The Great one of our favourite new artists of 2015, she's one of our favourite new people full stop. We caught up with the charismatic emcee for a chat about all things SAMPA.

Read More Posted 31 Oct 2015

Under The Influence with Sampa The Great

We caught up with the most exciting newcomer to the Australian music scene in 2015 (not too mention the newest member of the Cool Accidents Singles Club) - Sampa The Great to find out her musical influences.

Read More Posted 14 Oct 2015

Chatting With The Catch Of The Day Koi Child

Koi Child talk their impending debut album, driving home a boozy Kevin Parker and fighting over coloured vinyl. There ain’t nothing coy about Koi Child.

Read More Posted 1 Oct 2015