Watch A-Grade Legend Loyle Carner Boot A Sexist Fan From His Show

UK rapper Loyle Carner has taken a strong stand against sexism at his shows, booting a fan out. 

The fan reportedly made a sexist comment towards Elisa from support act Elisa & Srigala at a show in Norwich and Carner didn't tolerate it at all.

"I’m sorry man, you gotta learn a lesson my young man. You gotta go. For being sexist, you gotta go,” he said.

He then described the man's appearance as the crowd booed which is one way to teach him never to be a d-bag ever again.

He later took to Twitter to confirm that the man has been banned from the venue permanently. 

Carner will be in Australia for Laneway Festival next year and his shows seem like a pretty positive, inclusive space to be in.