Triple M Took Shots At Triple J And Ben & Liam Responded Spectacularly

It's the battle of the triples this week with Triple M taking on triple j and loosing to be quite honest.

It all started with M opening fire on J by parodying the station. They suggested that J is all about complicated genre mixtures and drugs, which is not wrong, but this is coming from the station that is still spinning Dad rock long after its demise. 

Ben & Liam then decided to beat them at their own game parodying the station with a show they aptly named 'Zipper & The Shit-Stick'. Zipper & The Shit-Stick were just about to play AC/DC's Back In Black for the seventh time and were also gushing about footy, cricket and meat pies.

Bang on Ben & Liam. 

They then proceeded to prove all Triple M's stereotypes right by playing Dune Rats' Scott Green.

And Dune Rats loved it, obviously.

Pls make up soon J & M.