Travis Scott Broke Kanye & Jay Z's Record For Performing A Song The Most Times In A Single Night

Travis Scott has broken a record that's been held for nearly five years for performing Goosebumps 14 times in a row.

Scott broke Kanye and Jay Z's record for performing a song the most times in a single night, smashing it during his tour stop in Oklahoma City. 

Kanye and Jay set to record back in 2012 when they performed Niggas In Paris 12 times on their Watch The Throne tour but now that record belongs to Scott.

Scott shared a video of him breaking the record, proclaiming, "we just broke a record," after the 12th attempt.

The crowd looks to be fired up the entire time, losing it everytime he attempted the Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight favourite.

It would've taken at least an hour for him to break the record.