Stand Up Guy Stormzy Donated Thousands To Send A Fan To Harvard

Stormzy has donated almost $16,000 to a fan's kickstarter to pay her tuition fees for Harvard in the US.

Fiona Asiedu needed over $20,000 so that she could study study human development and psychology at Harvard and started a kickstarted to get her there.

Someone tweeted at Stormzy asking him to help her out and he RT'd the tweet before donating three quarters of what she needed. She then made her total goal in less than 24 hours.

Asiedu, who was Vice-President of Oxford University's African and Caribbean society, tweeted at Stormzy that he had "changed her life". She then posted a larger message crediting the "power of social media."

Stormzy hasn't addressed the donation but did respond to a tweet by one of Asiedu's supporters agreeing that she could take him to Nandos as a thankyou.

What a guy.