Run The Jewels Let A Fan Rap Live On Stage At Lollapalooza And He Killed It

There are very few rappers as good as Run The Jewels right now, so it's a pretty ballsy move to ask the duo to come up on stage and rap with them.

That's exactly what one of their fans did though, bringing a sign to Lollapalooza that said, "Let me rap Legend Has It." 

El-P and Killer Mike spotted the sign and told the fan, named Jacob, that he has 30 seconds to get up on stage and rap the song. He made it to the stage and rapped the song alongside the duo, surprising both of them.

At one point Mike is so impressed that he picks him up and lifts him in the air.

"That's what happens when you take El-P's white with Killer Mike's height and you make a perfect rap," Mike said once Jacob had finished rapping.

Jacob has now got the story to trump all stories for the rest of his life.

Watch the full video here.