An Illustrated Interview With Vincent Sole

Melbournite Vincent Sole is about to be your new favourite artist. Sole now has amassed a slew of great tracks over the past two years but has hit his stride with his latest singles The Game and Deep End. The latter is his most recent single, a late night, electronic track that pulls inspiration from multiple genres. His lyrics are vivid and personal while his soundscapes are forward-thinking and futuristic.

As well as being a ridiculously talented musician, he's also been gifted with artistic talent. We thought we'd combine the two and ask him to answer a few of our questions with illustrations and the result is a bunch of masterpieces.

Check them out below as well as his latest tour dates.



If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be? 

Visual representation of 'Deep End'.


What stage would you love to play on? 


Last photo you took on your phone? 

Last album you really loved? 

Must-do before a live show? 

Vincent Sole tour dates: 

Friday April 7 | Banquet @ World Bar, Sydney 
Saturday April 8 | Gasometer, Melbourne (w/ Aeora & Yollks) | TICKETS
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