Here Are All The Incredible Women Who Have Inspired The Cool Accidents Team

We like to think of every day as International Women's Day at Cool Accidents because were surrounded by so many who inspire us and push us to do better. But, it's great to have a day to shine a spotlight on specific A++ individuals, so we asked the office to tell us which women in music inspire them every day. 

St Vincent 

Annie Clark (aka St Vincent) has been an idol to me throughout my adult life. I remember reading an article in which she said “The strongest thing a woman can do is be successful, powerful and excel at whatever they choose to excel at”. That line has stuck with me, it reminds me why I chose my career path and helps me to stay strong and focused, even when things can get frustrating. Her music is constantly one-upping itself - she’s witty, satirical, and shreds like no one’s business. Not to mention she even designed a guitar made for the female body. Heck yeah Annie, what a legend! - Brinley 

St Vincent nails it with every release. Each new album sees her pursuing new sounds and creative inspirations. She’s a kick-arse guitarist, a vibrant live performer and an consummate artist who plays the game by her own rules. Hats off to a killer musician. - Scott 

Jessie Ware 

Jessie Ware – I think she an inspiration for women to continue to strive to be the best at their careers and continue to realise their own dreams whilst also being a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, philanthropist and friend. Overall I have massive respect for all the women who have incredible balance in their lives and encourage other women to not only have a aspirational career but also grow within your personal life too. Also to all the other incredible women I work with every day who are a constant inspiration every day. - Liberty 

Janelle Monae 

Janelle Monae's 2018 has already been incredibly inspiring. She's come out of the gates with two incredible new songs, one celebrating sexual liberation and the other calling for the vagina to "have a monologue". She's an eloquent, powerful figure that's able to put her ideologies into her art but also express them outside of it. Her #TimesUp speech before Kesha's performance was the best moment of awards season. A poignant reminder that the days of sweeping gender inequality and injustice under the rug are up. - Sam 

She's perfect! - Leanne 

Camp Cope 

Camp Cope deliver a serious & strong message through their music to all women/girls that they’re done standing in the back and that it’s time for all girls to rally together & stand at the front. Their new single “Opener” is basically a metaphor for what is often seen as a woman’s place in life - being the support act and never the headline. They’re not having it and I love that, it’s empowering. - Claudia 

Stevie Nicks 

She always gives me the goose bumps from her stories, experiences, voice, lyrics. A true legend lady who has lived such an interesting life personally and professionally. I could listen to her all day and never get bored! - Erin 

Zan Rowe 

I’m always impressed by Zan Rowe and her dedication to Australian artists and the wider music industry. From triple j to Double J and every project she involves herself in having a purpose, she’s an advocate for all things credible in the industry and has been a source of music discovery for so many music fans, including me. And, she does it all with a smile on her face. - Alli 

Heidi Pasqual 

My first boss was a woman called Heidi ‘H-Bomb’ Pasqual, who was one third owner in the label and distributor Creative Vibes. She was a DJ, entrepreneur, promoter, radio host, crate digger and producer with a wicked sense of humour and an incredible taste in music that help to shape my own taste and direction and career. A true inspiration and pioneer for electronic music and Hip Hop in this country, particularly for women in Hip Hop, being instrumental in the careers of Trey, Maya Jupiter and Ebony Williams with her Mother Tongues label. - Huw 


She made pop music like no other, when other people were being boring. - Simon 


Between her non-stop bops, baddass attitude, and inclusive makeup line (which I'm wearing now), she is unstoppable. - Bianca  

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