Golden Rules Australian Tour Q&A


Hip Hop’s most promising duo of 2015, Golden Rules (Paul White and Eric Biddines)  are coming to Australia this week and Cool Accidents sometimes-journalist and perpetual Paul White fanboy Huwston gets the scoop from the Producer about what to expect. Check out a not so ‘tame’ remix after the jump.



Paul – it’s your first time coming to Australia. As you’re getting close to two weeks on ground are you finally going to live out that Strange Dream and go for a surf?


I'm not going home without a good few surfs! I've never surfed in warm water before so I can't wait! My dream life is to be able to surf and make music in the same day, everyday, so I'm going to make the most of that whilst in Australia! Got my board shorts all ready, and my drum machine all ready, they're both excited too! Now I just hope there's a nice big swell!! But not too big or I'll drown!


As your catalogue has expanded, your live show has developed and evolved. How do you rock in Golden Rules mode?


I love doing my solo live show now, I finally feel like it's got to a place I'm conformable, and there's a good balance of instruments and fun to create a real journey! With Golden Rules it can be a slight relief me not jumping around loads of instruments, well I'm not doing that yet. At the moment I rock up with a laptop, a little 303 drum machine, a bass guitar, and some percussion. But in the future I'm pretty sure we'll have a 4 piece band set up, and I can't wait for that!


You and Eric came together online – how is it touring with each other? Is it somewhat of a challenge getting into the groove with someone who’s effectively a complete stranger? Is music the common bond that ensure you’re both going to be two pretty cool dudes?


A strong belief I have is when you make music together you get to see into someone's soul, that's if they really open up, which Eric does, like myself, so I felt like we were friends long before we met. So when we first starting doing shows it felt totally conformable and natural! We definitely weren't strangers to each other, Eric felt like a long lost brother from another life or something! I think I can speak for Eric when I say he felt the same!


The album’s come out to great praise – what are your guys’ follow up plans? We’ve heard Eric recently on the Cool Uncle album but imagine he’s got a tonne in the bag – can we expect more from you two together or are you both back doing your own stuff?


Our Golden Ticket album is only the beginning of Golden Rules, we've got a lot more we want to do together! We've done a mixtape that'll be out early 2016, which is almost another album, theres original music and remixes I've done on there. There's also plans of an EP around the mixtape. We've done a Christmas song,



which I never thought we'd pull off, but we both really dig it. On this Australian tour I got some equipment with me so we plan to get on with more music for the next album! On top of that we both got our own stuff going on also, I find everything inspires everything else, we're both creative people and we live for that.


Danny Brown repeatedly calls you his favourite producer to write to. It’s a great compliment but so much of his stuff that gets released is very different to yours, so have you guys discussed what the connection is? Or is it one of those cool things artists don’t try to delve into, too deeply?


We don't need to, it's just a beautiful unspoken chemistry, why try to put words to that? We don't have any need to, we know we inspire each other and something really works, so we both just enjoy that, it feels special, like with Eric, and other people, I just made a very good new friend with Jamie Woon, I see us all falling from the same tree, we just live for music and love it so much, we all love creating. Me and Danny are working on a tonne of new material as we speak!


Do you have a list of Emcee’s you’d like to work with? Is it more of a case of people coming to you now?

I'd like to work with more emcees and a lot more singers, musicians also. I want to grow and learn from more collaborations in general! I'm wanting more and more to work with anybody that's free open and creative!


What are three common ‘Australianisms’ that you want to find out if they are actually true (i.e kangaroos on the streets, shrimps on the barbie, fuzzwhuzzers etc)

1. Are Koala bears as aggressive as they say? 2. Does everybody in Australia surf? 3. Does everybody really call each other maiiteee?


I guess you’ll find out this week, matey. Catch Golden Rules live as part of Red Bull Music’s Club Nights, free entry with RSVP at the following venues. ‘Golden Ticket’ is out now on Lex Recordings where all top shelf hip hop records are sold | streamed.


Thursday December 3rd: Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

Friday December 4th: 24 Moons, Melbourne

Saturday December 5th: Goodgod Small Club, Sydney

Friday December 11th: Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Saturday December 12th: The Bird, Perth

This remix, doe.


-Huwston for Cool Accidents