Foals Frontman Yannis Philippakis Has Revealed His Favourite And Least Favourite Songs By The Band

Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis has revealed his favourite and least favourite songs that the band have ever released.

Philippakis gave a talk earlier in the week at Oxford Union in the UK and spoke extensively about the band's career which now spans four albums. 

While speaking, he was asked by an audience member about what his favourite and least favourite Foals songs are and he obliged in answering.

What Went Down from their last record of the same name is his current favourite,  “because I get to go full ballistic on stage” while Spanish Sahara off Total Live Forever is another.

“A song that, throughout the years, has always been a pleasure to play,” he said.

As for his least favourite, it's Cassius off their debut record. He said it was a song, “we’ve wrestled with, in some ways."

There's some good news for fans too. He revealed that the band have just started writing record number five.

As NME report, he said, "“Me and Jimmy [Smith, guitarist] have come up with some sketches and some early ideas. We’re actually writing on the road at the moment.”