Ezra Koenig Says Vampire Weekend's New Album Is "Close To Being Done"

Ezra Koenig has offered another update on the long-awaited fourth Vampire Weekend record, tentatively titled Mitsubishi Macchiato, and it sounds positive.

He spoke to Beats 1's Zane Lowe and revealed that the album is, "close to be being done."

He's apparently got "too many" songs for the album and it's going to be a little happier than their last record.

"The last album was a little darker and more sombre and kind of sadness, unfortunately I can't fully shake that but I like the name Mitsubishi Macchiato," he said.

"It reminded me to wake up a little bit and get back to other vibes."

He also revealed that he's been working with frequent producer Ariel Rechtshaid and also BloodPop.

He said that if they needed to they could "put it out tomorrow" and "it would be good enough but we didn't get this far on good enough."

Speaking to Pitchfork further about the recordKoenig said, “The good news is that all the difficulties of making an album—that sense of purpose—is not an issue.”

While he admitted that there are a few things on the record that make him "nervous" he feels that he has "the vision" which is the most important thing for him.

"Whether or not people fuck with the vision, that’s a different story. But as long as you have the vision, at least your career will have some meaning to you," he said.

When speaking to Pitchfork he was in LA working on the final parts of the record and told them that he has a "few months" of "criticizing drum sounds and vocal takes."

Obviously, it will still be a while before it's with us but for Koenig fans he's got another project. He's just released an anime-inspired Netflix series Neo Yokio featuring Jaden Smith. 

Watch the trailer below.