Ed Sheeran Finally Made His 'Game Of Thrones' Debut


Game Of Thrones season 7 has officially begun and they got things rollings with an Ed Sheeran cameo.


Arya Stark was travelling through the woods on horseback and she came across a bunch of soldiers of which Sheeran was one. He was singing a song and she told him that it was a, "pretty song". Ed seemed very happy to take the compliment telling her it was, "a new one".

She chatted with them while the cameras spent a considerable amount of time focussing on Sheeran.

We knew that the popstar was due to make an appearance on the show but we were secretly hoping that he would turn up on a castle on the hill.  

It's unknown whether Sheeran is going to make another appearance but it's unlikely that they're going to follow him on his journey to stadium-playing singer as that would probably be a major deviation from the GOT story line.

Still, one can hope.