Dua Lipa Takes Us Behind One Of The Best Music Videos Of The Year 'New Rules'

Written by Sam Murphy.

One month. That's all the time it took for Dua Lipa to nab her second most viewed video of all time. 77 million views later, the video for Lipa's current single New Rules has earned itself the status of being an instant classic. And there's a good reason why too.

The visual, directed by Henry Schofield and filmed in Miami, is one of the most visually arresting things you'll see all year. The combination of the Miami colour palette, elongated, woozy dance moves and a united girl pack motif make it something special. It's a feast for the eyes but it's also a pop video with a purpose. One that conjured applause from fellow superstars like Lorde and Charli XCX. 

The song, plucked from her self-titled, debut album, is now on track to become another smash for Lipa, capping off a monumental few months for the Brit. 

We got Lipa on the phone during a rare moment of downtime in London to chat us through the video and how the album delay turned out to be a blessing.

Your fans on Twitter are quite a relentless bunch and they didn’t let up when it came to you releasing the album. Does it feel like you made the right decision delaying it now?

Absolutely. I was very upset to let them down by not releasing the album when I said I would initially and I was also upsetting myself because I wasn’t ready to put it out. I’m so glad I waited because I was able to put in 10 new songs that nobody had ever heard before so I was really excited about that.

Do you read your mentions on Twitter when you make an announcement like that?

Absolutely. I read them. I read everything to a fault which can really get me down. That’s why it’s so exciting when I make an announcement and read and watch everyone’s reactions to tour dates or a live show or announcements about the album or a collaboration. It’s always so exciting to see what they think. I really care about what they think.

Was there a song off the record that got a response you didn’t expect when the album dropped?

I guess I was really happy...when I dropped the album, I wanted every song to be a single because I felt so close to them but to see everyone loving the album tracks and reacting to that, I was really, really relieved because it was like, thank god I’m not the only one who thinks they’re good.

I love that straight off the bat, everyone reacted to New Rules which must have been nice for you to see. Was that always the plan to make it the first single after the album release?

Yeah, it was always the plan. We were already planning the video and doing the treatment before we released the album. I was really glad people picked up on that one. I don’t know what we would’ve done otherwise. We would’ve put it out and then quickly had to do a video for another song. What Drake does, he doesn’t really A&R it, he just puts an album out and lets the people choose which is a good thing.

Will you go that way with the next single?

I think I’ve already decided what the next single is.

The response of New Rules as a song was great but it was unprecedented what happened when the video was released. It’s something I haven’t seen for a long time where the video completely drove the promo and got it out there in such a big way.

It’s never really happened like that. It’s my favourite video I’ve done and I was very proud of it. What it did for the song, it was like rocket fuel. It was just insane. I loved how much they reacted to it. I was very, very proud of it.

I haven’t seen a video for a long time where I felt like I needed to immediately tell everyone around me about it. It had that effect because it was so cool. Where did the concept start?

I wanted to work with Henry because we did the Lost In Your Light video together and I loved all the cinematography. I wanted it initially to be a girl gang. I wanted to show the unity in girls helping each other. We already knew the hotel we were going to shoot it in Miami so it was about building it around that and having it like a sleep over. I wanted to show the unity in that and I had all these references of witches coven and doing all this weird choreography and girls looking after each other. The flamingos were kind of a visual obsession I had. I had to state why it would be a good idea to have flamingos in there and how they also represent unity because they travel in packs. I was very happy. Henry would stop and listen to all my crazy ideas and make sense of that.