Diddy Finally Explained Why He's Been Cropping Everyone Out Of Photos

The #DiddyCrop has become infamous with Diddy unashamedly cropping people like the Kardashians and French Montana out of his photos.

It's so obvious that it looks like a clear diss but now Diddy has said that he's not actually the person behind the shade.

He dropped into Ellen and was asked about his Instagram. 

"Sometimes my photography editor, he doesn't let me know when he's taking people out of the pictures," he said.

But, it's not always a DiddyCrop because he's said that the French Montana crop should actually be referred to as a DiddyShop.

"There were people that were taken away that didn't deserve to be taken away," he conceded.

"I had nothing to do with it."

Maybe that's true but Diddy loves the shade. We're sure of it.