Cub Sport Have Shared Some Poignant Words On The Government's Same-Sex Marriage Postal Ballot

This morning, the senate rejected a same-sex marriage plebiscite for the second time meaning the government will now run a postal ballot to decide whether or not we make same-sex marriage possible in this country.

Cub Sport have since taken to Facebook to share their thoughts on the rather unbelievable ballot, sharing an intelligent, personal and eloquent post.

"I see it as an unnecessary and hazardous way forward," they wrote.

"There will be anti-LGBTQI campaigning happening. A majority using their platform to squash a minority and to tell them that they're less worthy of a human right because of their sexuality is truly crushing."

One of the biggest problems with this ballot is that it gives homophobic voices a platform and Cub Sport, like many others, worry about how this will impact on, "vulnerable young LGBTQI people."

"It's cruel to allow anybody to make these people feel like they deserve any less than a heterosexual person does. We need to build these people up and remind them that they are loved - we are all humans and should all be equal."

Unfortunately now we have to acknowledge that this is happening and work on making marriage equality a reality. If you haven't updated your details yet, head here so that the postal ballot will be sent to the correct address.

Cub Sport members Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield came out earlier this year alongside the release of one of the best local releases of the year O Lord. They later announced that they were engaged.