Cardi B Has Revealed What Topics She's Covering On Her Debut Album

We're still not sure exactly when we're getting Cardi B's debut album but she's revealed what topics she's going to be covering.

The Bodak Yellow rapper sat down with Beats 1's Julie Adenuga and spoke about the album.

The first thing she covered was shoes, saying that it isn't all going to be about designer shoes.

"Not everybody care for bloody shoes," she said.

"It is my song and those are the shoes that I love but it's not a shoe that everybody can afford."

She also revealed that she's going to talk about love but not in a gushy way. It won't be about how much she loves Offset, rather she's going for those that hurt her.

"I could really make a song of hurt, because I've been hurt by a lot of men," she said.

"I'm talking about, like, how sad I be when a dude curves me. And I never talk about that because I refuse to let people know that I get sad because when a man don't answer my calls."

You're also going to hear plenty about the haters because she hates them.

"I wish y'all catch something," she concluded.