Bhad Bhabie Hangs Out With Lil Pump And Travis Scott By Day And Is A Normal Teen By Night

Sam Murphy 

There have been plenty of surprising breakthrough artists over the past 12 months but none more surprising than Bhad Bhabie. Danielle Bregoli made a name for herself as the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl after a viral Dr. Phil video. She then made an unofficial video for Kodak Black’s ‘1k Everything’ which he then made the official video, before she signed a record contract.

Almost a year later, her 15 minutes of fame has well and truly expired but she only creeps further and further into the spotlight. She’s charted with two songs in the US and is racking up millions of views with every release from These Heaux to Both Of Em.

We chatted with Bregoli on the phone from LA to try and make sense of this crazy year and as it turns out, she has no idea how it all happened either. Her life has gone from normality (or close to) to hanging out with Travis Scott and Lil Pump.

If you could collaborate with anybody in the world who would it be?

Travis Scott.

Have you been in contact at all with him ever?

Yeah. I met him once at a studio in LA. A producer I was working with, he wanted to take me to meet him. He thought it was important that I met him.

What do you even say when you come face to face with Travis Scott?

I was just kind of like...I’ve never really been impressed by none of these artists. I’ve never been impressed I’ve only ever been like, “damn, that’s cool.” The only artist that I met that I almost pissed myself was Kodak Black. I was like, “holy fucking shit.” I’ve loved his music since like before ‘No Flockin’ came out, for the longest time and then he was standing in front of me. That’s the ultimate.

That’s amazing because he picked up your video and used it as his own yeah?

Yeah and I Facetime-d him a couple of months ago. My bodyguard Frank used to bodyguard for him and he knew I was a huge fan. He was like, “hey, will you call her?” and he was like, “yeah, of course I will.” So I got a call from him. I wasn’t tripping then but as soon as I got in front of the dude it was over.

Are your friends so jealous of all these people you’re coming across?

No, because I don’t come home like, “hey girl, I was just with Lil Pump.” I don’t do that shit. I just come home and they’re like, “I saw that picture of you and Lil Pump.”

Does that mean that you’ve been in talks with Lil Pump?

I’ve been around Lil Pump so many times. That kid's a fucking devil. We’ve rampaged Walmart together.

‘Gucci Gang’ is blowing up in Australia.

It’s crazy. I remember when ‘Back’ came out. Starts rapping. “Throw it back, yeah.” And now, I’ve seen him on a commercial. Oh my God, that kid's making so much money right now.

Do you look at people like that and aspire for a career like that?

Yes. Of course. Definitely.

You’re still young but do you stress much about where you wanna go or are you letting it happen naturally?

I’m letting it happen naturally. I’ll say things to get them in the universe but that’s really it. I’m not going to press shit too much. It’s not because I want my manager or people around me to know. I want the universe to know. The universe is why all this shit has been happening. I hope next year my album will go platinum. Now it’s in the universe. God knows I want it to happen and if he loves me he’ll make it happen.

There’s no such thing as a normal day in your life right now. What’s the most normal day for you?

There really isn’t. Mostly studio. Ever since I got back to New York a couple of days ago I’ve been in the studio every day.

And then what do you do at night?

I go home and stay up ‘til 3 in the morning on YouTube and Instagram. Or I just go home and go straight to sleep.