A Track-By-Track Of Grouplove's Underrated 'Little Mess' EP

On Record Store Day, Grouplove released a very good EP called Little Mess, a companion to their Big Mess LP and while it may not be as messy, it's just as thrilling. 

We've had it on repeat here in the CA office so we thought it was about time we waxed lyrical about the lil' project by going through it track-by-track.

Tell Me A Story

Where Big Mess started with the massive Welcome To Your Life, Little Mess appropriately starts a little more contained. It's a blues-leaning, acoustic ballad that explores the sadder side of Grouplove's lyrics. It also explores the more tender parts of Christian Zucconi's vocals.


Torso is a little meatier than the previous but it's still a softer side to Grouplove. It's a rollicking, alt-rock song which is inline with Big Mess cuts like Spinning. They know how to pack emotion into a song and they really do it here. It's the closest thing you'll get to a Grouplove heart-tugger.


For those who like the heavier side of Grouplove, this is where you're going to get your kicks. MRI is bound by dense, howling guitars juxtaposed by a delicate vocal delivery. Hannah Hooper still the show here which is often the best type of show.

Enlighten Me

Englighten Me featured on Big Mess but they've included a live, raw version here. The studio version was electronic and bubbly but this is stripped back and bare. The crowd singing along in the chorus is also a pretty special touch. 

Adios Amigos

Little Mess is a much more emotional affair than we're used to from the impossibly fun band but Adios Amigos explores their more raucous side. It's kooky, anthemic and euphoric, making it very likely to leave you with a smile at the finish of the record.