It was only last week at Cool Accidents HQ that I asked WHO THE F*$K ACTUALLY PRE-ORDERS ALBUMS?Well today I went and answered that very question. Me. I pre-order albums… Well, a singular album at least.I’d heard the very first taste off the new Hudson Mohawke album Lantern by the way of the Very First Breath featuring Irfane on Soundcloud a few weeks back and while I liked it upon first listen (read: quick click through the waveform) it didn’t blow me away.Enter second cut RYDERZ. Now even though we follow Hud Mo on Soundcloud we’d somehow missed the Rinse FM radio rip of RYDERZ (complete with a very Rinse FM REWIND) and it wasn’t until the interns unanimously picked it as their fave in this week’s First Impressions article that I actually laid ears on it.And HOT DAMN… WHAT. A. TUNE.The slightly pitch shifted D.J. Rogers soul sample (which thankfully avoids chipmunk territory) coupled with just enough of that hectic heaviness that Hud Mo does so well had me adding the limited first edition 2LP with print and download card to my shopping cart quicker than you can say WHO THE F*$K ACTUALLY PRE-ORDERS ALBUMS?Now I’m so bloody excited that even Very First Breath is sounding 1000 times better than it did before and the fact that Miguel’s name appears on the track listing has me frothing at the bit.Don’t let me down Hud Mo.
Parental Advisors - Fenella’s Story
I was about ten years old when I discovered that not every household played The Beatles and ABBA Gold on a regular basis. In fact, most families I knew didn’t. I was shocked. For a child who had grown up with wall-to-wall Beatles and Beach Boys, the idea that other kids were being introduced to Bon Jovi and Duran Duran just did not compute. Although both those groups were present in the family record collection, I don’t remember them being played until I was a little older. I can only guess that my parents waited until my music tastes had been sufficiently moulded and I was safe from musical acts which met with less approval (Mötley Crüe and Foreigner, I’m looking at you). From an early age I would have music played to me and I’d be asked who I was listening to. If I heard male harmonies, I’d figure Beatles or Beach Boys would be a good guess (it was rarely Beach Boys - took me a ridiculously long time to learn the difference).When I was in my second or third year of primary school my dad made me my first mixtape (ok, it was a CD, but close enough), which was full of songs I had been introduced to and loved over the past year. ‘Fenella’s Favourites’ would become an eagerly anticipated annual gift and makes it easy for me to track my music tastes over the years. The first CD was full of artists my parents played – The Monkees, The Beach Boys, Kasey Chambers, The Beatles, Felicity Urquhart and Tania Kernaghan. A LOT of Tania Kernaghan. Having met her at a young age, she was my first fangirl experience and I proudly collected her albums before reaching my teens and deciding I no longer liked country music (a lack of cool factor will do that to a girl). Almost all my cds are at least eight years old. A true child of my generation, most of my music collection is now digital, so a cursory glance at the cd shelves in my room could give someone the wrong impression (the dozen or so Saddle Club albums were retired with Tania a fair few years ago but beloved Britney Spears, Hilary Duff and High School Musical soundtracks still give me away).The music dynamics in my home have shifted slightly over the years but the basic rules of control have stayed largely the same. Although my music choices have increased their airplay as I developed my own musical tastes, the majority of the music played in the house has been chosen by my father and that has heavily influenced my musical tastes. If he likes it, it gets a lot of airtime, from countless Beatles albums (including the various remastered copies that have gradually been released) to  Hot Since ’82 (‘Restless’ is a notable favourite).At some point, my opinion of my parent’s music changed from wide-eyed fascination to a simmering  tween contempt for anything endorsed by ‘old people’ (there are only so many times you can hear your father singing along to Nelly before you associate the music with age and irritation). Luckily for them, my mother’s tastes swung in to save the day. Early exposure to Fountains of Wayne had been accompanied by the suggestion “You don’t need to sing all the words, maybe say ‘I’ve gotta get my self together’ instead”. This had of course resulted in me gleefully singing the correct lyrics as loudly as I dared (The correct word was shit, in case you hadn’t guessed). Like many kids, I had started by listening to the fast, entertaining songs like Stacey’s Mom, Hey Julie and, of course, Bright Future In Sales. As I grew older, sadder tracks like Hackensack were played more as I began to fancy myself as a deep thinker. Denise was for when I realised that wasn’t the case. This led me to The Beatles’ greatest rival for Favourite Parent-Endorsed Band: The Darkness. My mum decided to chuck me in at the deep end, showing me the video clips for One Way Ticket To Hell and I Believe In A Thing Called Love. It could have gone devastatingly wrong. It didn’t. Cut to today and I list The Darkness as one of my all-time favourite bands, beside fellow parent-endorsed (and personal favourite) Belle and Sebastian. Long car trips are no longer complete without my mother and I sitting in the front seat, head-banging and screeching along to I Believe In A Thing Called Love at the tops of our voices, road safety be damned. My musical independence is still a new and slowly developing thing. I’ve never been much of a radio girl and I tend to come to things late in the game (I got Facebook at 15, at my mother’s suggestion. I think she was trying to get me more involved with other people. Oh, vain hope). I like to think I’ve improved. 2015’s mix CD was full of names I never would have considered way back when, including The Cure, Led Zeppelin, Gorillaz, The Coral, Chet Faker, Bishop Allen and The Middle East.Every now and again I’ll play some of the songs that I’ve recently come across. Only six months old! New stuff! A lack of siblings means that the only people in the house to introduce my music to are my parents. Hey, what goes around comes around. Mum’s response is usually a distracted smile and maybe “Yes, it was alright”. Dad’s response? “Yeah, that song’s been out for a while!”Everyone’s a critic.- Fenella H-Z
Karen O Gives Zero F#*ks About Pregnancy Rumors.
Karen O has been seen at the 30th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Introduction Ceremony (19/4/2015) looking very pregnant. I mean look at that belly button! The studded jacket does not detract from what is happening in her mid-section. Despite the “I look shit-hot pregnant” reveal, Miss O wasn’t there to shut people up about pregnancy rumors, she went along to perform in honor of the late Lou Reed:This will be the Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer’s first child with video director husband Barnaby Clay. The pair met when Hubby directed the band’s music video for Zero taken from their 2009 album It’s Blitz!. He would go on to direct many more YYY videos (no surprise) and then marry O in secret two years later (surprise!). Baby Daddy has also worked on music videos for the likes of Gnarls Barkley, Depeche Mode and TV on the Radio, proving he knows more people in the music biz than just his missus.  Anyway, congrats to the rock couple! Who do gothic - disassociated very well. My only hope is that they do not name the kid after the dad. Please don’t ruin a good thing.Not to be out done in the beautiful - people - having - babies category, is Hannah Hooper from Grouplove. She revealed her bun by posting this out of focus 60s inspired selfie on her Instagram.This will also be her and partner Christian Zucconi’s (fellow Grouplove member) first child. So… whilst all these genetically blessed people continue to lead privileged lives and breed, I’m going to continue my self-loathing as I attempt to traverse the floods (brought on by Sydney’s freak storm) lining my journey home from work.-Bise
Percy Sledge 1940-2015
Before I knew what a process was I knew about Percy Sledge. Staring at the photos of his improbably straightened and waved hair I had no idea it was the result of a vigorous and rather painful exercise called “conking” in which African American soul singers straightened out their natural hair in the days before Malcolm, Stokely and H Rap made it righteous to rock the Afro.Percy was from the south and the Mr Whippy wave and the implausibly tight and shiny suit into which his rather lumpy frame appeared to be squeezed were part of the look that was expected of an entertainer down there.But it all rather put me off Mr P, as did the ubiquity of his hit “When A Man Loves A Woman”which at that time was featured in some sort of movie and seemed mawkishly sentimental even in spite of its joyously out of tune horns. Which in brilliant “soul” fashion were left untouched in the final record.But he was a force - a fine singer. And I discovered it going backwards from Elvis. The king had one of the great voices and to many the Memphis sessions (produced with the Fame band by Chips Moman) are a highpoint. I liked Long Black Limousine, and loved True Love Travels On A Gravel‎ Road (for its title as much as the song).But one day I heard Percy’s version. And he smashes Elvis.Not many can say that. And so rest in peace Percy - you left a mark.-TH(to read about Percy and his ilk we recommend Peter Guralnick’s majestic Sweet Soul Music. He forgot more than we’ll ever know)
Happy Record Store Day!
To celebrate one of our favourite days of the year; Record Store Day we’re dusting off a bunch of our Diggin’ In The Crates episodes to get us in the mood for going and blowing our hard earned $$$ on wax. Not that we really need motivation or an excuse BUT it does make it easier when we can say to our other halves that we’re supporting a good cause. Which of course we are.Check out the playlist below featuring Royal Blood, Rudimental, Grouplove, Frightened Rabbit, Moby, FIDLAR, Gabrielle Aplin & Surfer Blood which were filmed at various record stores around the country including Mojo Record Bar in Sydney, Round and Round Records in Brunswick & Revolve Records is Erskineville.Then once you’re done with that get out there and support your local record store and let us know what you score in your haul! Happy diggin’.Oh… and never forget:
SITG vs Coachella
Let’s get ready to rumble!!! It’s a battle of the festivals! Australia vs America, Splendour in the Grass vs Coachella… WHO YOU GOT? Infographic by Theinterns
Craft with Kit Starring SKATERS!
We’re still recovering (not to mention cleaning up) from that time SKATERS dropped by our Craft with Kit set. We caught up with our fave garage rockers from NYC when they were in town for last year’s Splendour In The Grass and knowing how much the boys love pizza, our host with the most Kit Palaskas decided to throw a special Pizza party which TBQH got a little out of hand and was ALL THE CRAZY. Watch what went down on the day below and then thanks to Kit’s handy step by step tutorial that follows you can make a pizza pinata of your very own!Make Your Own Mini Pizza Pinata!You will need -2 yellow cardboard triangles1 long strip of yellow cardboard (approx 4cm wide)Yellow crepe paper strip (cut into fringe)Coloured paper for pizza toppingsConfetti and something fun to stash inside your pinataDouble-sided tapeScissorsStep 1On your long yellow cardboard strip, mark 2 lines 1cm in from each long edge. This forms the side panel of your pinata. Gently score along these lines with a scissor blade to create two long tabs. Make folds along the strip so that it fits perfectly around the triangular piece of cardboard with a little overlap on one end. Cut the tab at each fold point so that you have a bunch of smaller tabs, then trim the corners of these tabs diagonally. Yes we realise this may sound confusing so maybe just look at the picture hey. Step 2Stick a strip of double-sided tape all the way around the edge on one side of each triangle.Step 3Stick the confusing side panel from Step 1 onto one triangle, with the tabs sticking to the tape. Step 4Fill your pinata with heaps of fun stuff. You could even take it to the next level and put real pizza in there but we are not responsible for the consequences of doing so. That’s all on you mate. Step 5To close the pinata, repeat Step 2 with the second triangle piece, sealing all the fun inside. Cover the two faces of the pinata with yellow fringe, using double-sided tape and starting from the pointy end and working your way up in rows. Step 6Stick fringe all the way along the sides of the pinata using double-sided tape.Step 7To finish, decorate your pinata with some yummy toppings cut from coloured paper. Congratulations legend, you have made your very own pizza pinata!Skater’s debut album Manhattan is available now where all bangin’ records are sold | streamed.
Someone Call The RSPCA
QUICK! Someone call the RSPCA, rapper Ty Dolla $ign has teamed up with megababes Charli XCX & Tinashe and they are DROPPING KITTIES ALL OVER THE PLACE!Oh wait… Never mind.
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