Feel Good Music Alert.
Is it just us? Or does Chance The Rapper’s music have the same affect on everyone else, in that listening to it makes you smile like an ABSOLUTE MUPPET. Ever since hearing Juice and the Acid Rap that followed and more recently with his work as a quarter of The Social Experiment posse, the 21 year old rap crooner has had us grinnin’ from ear to ear. And now he’s back with a new joint Sunday Candy with Donnie Trumpet and the rest of The Social Experiment gang and yep, it’s yet another guaranteed sureshot feel good number drenched with positive vibes. Keep em coming please Chance… music NEEDS you.
The Godfather Of Rap.
There’s no denying that the new Mark Ronson track featuring the James Brown of rap Mystikal is a JAM. BUT is it as good as the still unreleased joint from a couple of years ago below that was obviously the prototype? Nope.
Pistol Shots Fired.
ICYMI John Lydon took part in a live chat for The Guardian last month and unsurprisingly he took the chance to fire some shots at a few peeps including Russell Brand & The Clash. With questions focusing on the musician’s punk roots, Lydon responded with: "Nobody gives a toss about The Clash. In the beginning there was The Sex Pistols. Then there’s PIL. The Public Image Limited… [The] best PIL song has yet to be written. I am writing at the moment. The day I die I’ll let you know how things are."
Maison Kitsuné Turns Sweet 16
What more appropriate way to celebrate the release of Maison Kitsuné 16, than with ‘The Sweet Sixteen Edition’ – relaxed dance beats for the coolest Sweet Sixteen bashes and beyond. Upcoming French producer Fakear mobilises the beats on the compilation with the track ‘Interstellar’ (every bit as attractive as McConaughey and every bit as epic as his latest film), set to remind you exactly what it was like to be sixteen again. “Who’s not for re-experiencing the emotions of being 16 again?” says Kitsuné co-founder Gildas Loaec. The compilation has pulled together all the best new artists, lo-fi through to dance, to DJ for your party. The array of international artists features the likes of Buscabulla, Danglo, Citizens!, Kwamie Liv, Tobtok, We Are Shining and more. Deeper, yet “more gentle and tender” than previous Kitsuné compilations, Loaec hopes The Sweet Sixteen Edition is “as wild and eclectic as you would expect from Kitsuné” – just don’t forget to stop to appreciate its femininity.  The hip label is always on beat, with artwork for the compilation composed of drawings by 23 emerging illustrators scouted by the label. Earlier this year we saw Maison Kitsuné’s New York Fashion Week debut at the Standard High Line, and personally, I’m a big fan of the relaxed cool vibes emanating from everything they touch. For a taste of the latest compilation, check out this MiniMix by Jerry Bouthier and you can stream it in its entirety below. It’s effortlessly French. - Leilani Williams
Add To Cart.
These Black Keys gig posters from the bands Ohio shows earlier in the year are fan-f**kin-tastic. Designed by TBK’s art director/Pat’s bro Michael Carney, they’re available in limited quantities through his online store and would make a pretty great Christmas present to yourself or The Black Keys fan in your life.
What Pete Townshend Thinks About King Crimson
The always on point Babylon Falling blog dusts off another absolute gem from their archives… Here’s the transcript for those playing at home who (like us) struggle reading fine print… An uncanny masterpiece. An uncanny masterpiece. Title? Song titles? You might know more than I, but I’ve got the ace card cos I’ve the album weeks before release to review no less. What depths one has to stoop to to hear new albums before everyone else. How marvelous is the feeling when I walk in a room and say, “you haven’t heard it? More’s the pity!” Cos I’ve heard it and it’s incredible. But it’s also over careful, cautiously rampant guitar solos scream all over you but never miss a note. Silent drums drum and a million bloody mellotrons whine and soar like sirens down a canyon. Endless, or at least seemingly endless passages through extemporised classic non-effervessant secret-keeping become boring. Drums click and sniff, mellotrons breathe, unidentifiable woodwind multiplies, a voice reminiscent of a Zombie sings. It’s time consuming and expensive but somehow, even if you don’t get into their complex musical fantasies and indulgences you have to stand and straighten your back when out of all that comes THE COURT OF A CINSONGKRIM. (“The Ultimation” says Plum) Bob the roadie comes round, he is already a fan of KING CRIMSON and is extra eager to listen. He doesn’t leave his seat until the album is finished, then after hanging around for about two hours decides to leave. I know when he’s had enough. You must have gathered it’s good. Undeniably. But in some ways too good too soon if that’s possible. You will only know what I’m getting at when you hear it for yourself, it’s akin to being a ritual it really isn’t. The ritual is future worship. The adulation of unnecessary perfection. I hear it, and I know it had to cost at least ten thousand pounds to make. If they chucked out as much as I think they did in order to embrace the remainder it could have cost twenty thousand. I can’t tell if it’s worth it. A friend listening to the album from a room below says, “Is that a new Who album?” Deeply I’m ashamed that it isn’t, but I’m also glad somehow. That kind of intensity is music not Rock. Twenty first century schizoid man is everything multitracked a billion times, and when you listen you get a billion times the impact. Has to be the heaviest riff that has been middle frequencied onto that black vinyl disc since Mahler’s 8th. An American chick comes round with a friend and tells me, “They’re all real musicians.” I don’t know where to look. I was never more aware of any other single fact. Oh well. YINGYANGYINGYANGYINGYANGYINGYANGYINGYANGYINGYANG-YINGYANGYINGYANGMYGGGGGGGGENERATION OOH and by the way, THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN. Same to you.    
The Twelve Days Of...
Cross your fingers and hope you have a true love in your life that will give you one of these ugly (read: AMAZING) Christmas band sweaters… We’ve had a dig around the internet and pulled together a selection of 12 of the best/worst… Collect the set and have one to rock everyday of Christmas! We don’t know about you guys but the Wu-Tang one definitely ain’t nuttin’ to f**k wit and has gone straight to the top of our Christmas wish list. DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 MORRISSEY WU-TANG CLAN DEVIL DRIVER DESCENDENTS THE ROOTS METALLICA GUNS N’ ROSES MOTORHEAD QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE SLAYER AVENGED SEVENFOLD
Were you aware of the fact that there are around 4 million songs on Spotify that have never been played?! Forgotify has been created to reduce that number and introduce people to a huge library of music that’s never ever been streamed. It’s like a musical lucky dip as to what you might get when clicking play through their website, we got a nice little dub tune first up followed by a Salsoul joint and then a horrible death metal number. Head over to their site and give someone their first royalty cheque for $0.007… you never know what you might discover, it could be the best/worst song you’ve ever heard!
Caribou @ Webster Hall NYC
In somewhat of a throwback to the #DeepHouse of the early 2000’s, some of our fave Canadians Caribou tore up the East Village’s Webster Hall last week as the Fall air turned wintery in New York. Caribou have slotted right back into popularity since the release of Our Love earlier this year, post four-year hiatus, riding off the success of their previous album, Swim, playing two sold-out and highly coveted shows at Webster Hall, with ticket scalpers asking 4 times the ticket cost. Support act & featured artist on the latest album, Jessy Lanza melted the crowd with her soft, feminine vocals when she appeared in ultra fem/girl-next-door attire for Second Chance, but the pace quickly picked up again for tracks like All I Ever Need, which featured a heavy dance-finish, and the title track off this year’s album, Our Love which got appropriately deep. Featuring all the latest hits from Our Love, the set wouldn’t have been complete without making the noisy crowd wait for the bangers Odessa & Sun from Swim, which both had Webster Hall jumping and begging for more. Or was that, more deep-house, less EDM? For a taste of the beautiful light-show (not so much for the sound), check out this video of Caribou performing ‘Back Home’ at Webster Hall. -Leilani Williams
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Jack Ü - Take Ü There (feat. Kiesza)
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