A Himalayan Hippie Haven
India has a few well kept secrets, for the moment. One thing that is no secret is the lack of a decent internet connection which I am blaming, along with the abundance of amazing things to see, for my poor activity on Cool Accidents lately. Apologies.  ​Anyway you may have heard of this kinda famous beach resort going by the name of Goa? Rich in seafood, cheap beer, palm trees and cattle, it’s a quite captivating spot and that’s before we even mention it’s ever alive rave culture. Since the late 60’s Goa has been a haven for hippies who have just plain and simply had enough of the developed world and its ‘bullshit’. “F*ck society” they say “let’s go and get baked in India”. So, in recent times the music scene has evolved dramatically and somewhat uncharacteristically for Indian standard. The rather loud, rather rash opinion of the hippy has helped develop what is now known as Goa trance or psy trance. The main distinguisher being its immediate connection with the ‘spiritual world’. Goa is one of the few places in our current world where you can pay third world prices AND have such an alive underground rave scene. So much so that dreadlocked men and women from around the globe (actually mainly Russia and Israel) flock to Goa every year for sun and enriched narcotics while making contact with the spirits through the means of 150 bpm trance. Of course the fact that I know any of this kinda dupes the fact that this is an underground scene or a secret but I sit here now writing this in the depths of Himachal Pradesh (The Himalayas) in a place called Parvati Valley which seems to have taken on the role of Goa as ‘place to party’ for the modern hippy. How rude of anyone to think that they could share Goa with the commercial backpacker?! These parties I speak of take place almost every week in one of India’s most beautiful landscapes and are arranged via word of mouth at a venue in the wild which you may only learn of if deemed worthy of the party-throwers. Sounds like a crappy movie plot right? Well actually hallucinogens, bass, a select crowd and one of the most stunning places on planet earth do make for a good time and it’s a secret I’m more than happy to share with my CA buddies just so long as we keep it on the DL! (If you don’t hear from me for a few weeks then assume the hippies have discovered my indiscretion and are violently torturing me somewhere in the mountains. Don’t bother with a search party, it’s a big place.) In case any of you may be feeling free-spirited or in search of some ‘answers’ we’ve put together a playlist of the sorta tunage you might hear spun in the sub-continental sets. Don’t worry, only a few…   -Stan R
Bootleg Concert Shirts
Hutch LA have gone and created the greatest t-shirts in the history of ever with their new range of Bootleg Concert Shirts… Justin Timberlake as Eminem, James Brown as Danny Brown, Chunk from The Goonies as Action Bronson, Pharrell as Erykah Badu, Christopher Walken as Ninja from Die Antwoord and Samuel L Jackson as Ice-T… The hardest part is deciding which one to buy when we want them ALL. We’ve featured our faves below but you can checkout the full range over at the Hutch LA site.
Bands as Businesses
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if musical artists were to try their hand at other business ventures?No? well now there’s no need to, because Cool Accidents has done it for you and we have the business cards to prove it. Massive shout outs to Dan O’Brien at Secretly Excited for all the Photoshop skillz.
Double Dragon
While Little Dragon were in town for their blink and you’ll miss it two stop sold out tour they managed to sneak in to the triple j studios to take on Kelis’ Millionaire as part of the Like a Version series… and just when you thought you couldn’t crush any harder on Yukimi she goes and does the André 3000 rap… Phwoar! And just ICYMI… Checkout the JAM packed TGIF playlist the guys whipped up for us a little while back featuring Millionaire in its original form as well as tracks by Beyonce & Jay Z, Chaka Khan, R.Kelly, Miguel, Janet Jackson and more. Little Dragon’s ridiculously great record Nabuma Rubberband is available now where all ridiculously great records are sold | streamed
It's a Kimbra Miracle!
Now it’s not everyday of the week that you get to extract quotes from Chris De Burgh’s Lady In Red but here goes… Dear Kimbra, “I’ve never seen you shine so bright, you were amazing… And when you turned to me and smiled, it took my breath away” Watch the ridiculously fun video below for her ridiculously funky new single Miracle a track which was co-produced by Mystery Skulls… Hot tip - Do yourself a favour and remember that name because you’re going to be hearing a lot more from him SOON. 
There's No Butts About It...
OH. MY. GOD. There’s no butts about it… We’ve only gone and put together the best booty playlist of ALL-TIME* Inspired by Nicki Minaj’s latest (t)werk and featuring crackin’ tracks from the likes of Sir Mix-a-lot, Diplo, Destiny’s Child, Mos Def, Jason Derulo, Beastie Boys and plenty more. We started from the bottom now we’re here - *we’re aware of the fact that there’s a distinct lack of Major Lazer’s Bubble Butt but unfortunately it’s not on Spotify :’(
Bands As Businesses
Have you ever imagined what it would be like if musical artists were to try other business ventures? No? well now there’s no need to, because we’ve done it for you and have the business cards to prove it. Stay tuned for more #bandsasbusinesses coming soon to Cool Accidents!
ICYMI - Wax Volcanic x Royal Blood
As the anticipation builds for the release of Royal Blood’s debut long player this Friday we thought we’d revisit an interview that resident wordsmith Wax Volcanic penned ahead of the guys’ first trip (as a band) down under back in May/June of this year* You can hear the record all over triple j this week as it’s their feature album and the good folks at iTunes are offering up a pre-stream you can get your ears around on their site just in case you need some convincing BUT mark our words if you’re going to buy one rock record this year make sure THIS is the one. *as a result there are some show dates included in the below that have been and gone, fingers crossed they get back here soon though…
Choice Cuts
Feature track
EAST Official
Old Age
Feature video
The Kite String Tangle - Arcadia (Official Video)
The Kite String Tangle