Mick - “For the last f**king time you lot… IT’S BLACK AND BLUE.”
Your Birthday Jam
Have you ever wondered what the number one song on US radio was on the day you were born?WELL WONDER NO MORE. The good folks at Playback FM have built a little time machine so you can travel back to the moment you popped out and relive what was ruling the airwaves on that exact day in America.Click HERE to find out… Fingers crossed you get a classic!
We're In Love With The SOKO
As I troll the internet watching hilarious videos or silently judging Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe choices, every now and then it also offers me little gems of brilliance in the form of new musicians/artists/designers/attractive people to perve. Being the fashion-savvy person that I am (and oh so humble) I was reading an article about the new faces of Roberto Cavalli’s latest campaign and came upon Soko. Naturally I Googled her and as I read up on her I stumbled across this description: “Within every punk, there’s a kid who just wants to be loved. Armed with loss, heartbreak and a voice that cries for help, multitalented French enchantress Soko is the kind of rebel who gives out kisses instead of black eyes, who steals hearts instead of wallets, and gets trashed on tea instead of liquor” Well that is quite an introduction! A girl after my own heart, Soko, my interest is officially piqued. I am one of those people who when they discover things and like them, I MUST KNOW ALL! If you were just as baffled as I was about who she is then maybe some of this info might help you get more acquainted.You may remember her track “I’ll Kill Her” which was somewhat successful and then 3 years ago she released her debut album I Thought I Was An Alien. Now she is back, after re-vamping her style from morbid, bewitching folk songstress to distilling her essence into “a potion of dreamy 80’s goth-inspired lullabies and a touch of California sun”, with her latest album My Dreams Dictate My Reality. Produced by the legendary Ross Robinson (who also produced her favorite band, The Cure) the album features the hypnotic duet Lovetrap with friend and lo-fi wizard Ariel Pink. A few other tasty tidbits that might tickle your fancy:• She snogged a complete stranger for the viral First Kiss video (which her track ‘We Might Be Dead Tomorrow’ featured in)• She played the voice of a computer’s human sexual surrogate in Spike Jonze’s Her• Collaborated with Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre on his upcoming album• Sang and screamed on Ariel Pink’s album Pom Pom• Wrote and sang on several tracks on Theophilus London’s Vibes including the panty-melting SmokeIn my stalk sesh I found a sort of kickstater-esque merch store for people who wanted to pre-order the album. Like Kickstarter there were different packages that went along with the pre-order if you paid a certain amount of money. I found this absolutely fascinating I had never seen a musician do this before. So I thought ‘My god what would happen if you bought all of these packages? What an amazing day that would be!’ If you bought all the awesome pre-order merch stuff this is what a weekend with Soko would, or should I say could be like:1) First you would fly to LA but more likely Paris as this is where most of the awesome prizes take place (this is also where Soko would be so would be kind of hard to do some things without her).2) When you meet up with Soko she has a few presents for you; she’s brought a signed copy of her latest album (either vinyl or CD, whichever strikes your fancy) for the low price of $41-$61.3) What do you know she has another ‘gift’! She pulls out a hand-made Soko-decorated denim jacket (valued at $150), JUST FOR YOU! Now you too can look as punk as Soko.4) Soko is also a forward planner; she’s got a VIP concert ticket for you to her show on your last night of the weekend together.5) The top-dawg, big spender prize that you bought is that you have ‘rented’ Soko as your bride. We figured you would want to do this first thing because that way you can spend the weekend in a non-awkward honeymoon state. Renting her as Bride includes organizing a fake wedding and exchanging vows that you will always love each other! Have Soko meet your friends and family and cats and dogs and pretend you’re married for a day or in this case a weekend! Now be prepared because this will cost you a hefty $50,000. Y’know coz most people have that kind of money lying around.6) Your first day with Soko will be spent in the magical wonderland that is Disneyland Paris. Meet Mickey Mouse and all his pals and a Disney Princess or two. Ride the rides, take pictures and leave with beautiful memories. For this you will have forked out a cool $2000 (flights not included).7) Later that night the two of you will head off to an awesome party that you are hosting and you will be the talk of the town as Soko DJ’s your rad event with some of her favourite tunes.8) After the amazing gig you head home with Soko and prepare for a pyjama party! Relax in your PJ’s and watch some of Soko’s favourite movies together. To have the pleasure of her company for the night will cost you $500.9) After the junk-filled slumber party the night before, you wake up in the morning and treat your body to some health. Take in a bikram yoga class with Soko and sweat out all your toxins, worries and fears. For this you shelled out $750. (you may have to fly to LA for this one from Paris) 10) After a great workout, Soko takes you round to all her favourite vintage shopping destinations. I’m sure some awesome change-room/shopping montage ensues and you walk out of that trip a new woman/man. Not including the clothes you bought that day, shopping with Soko adds another $1,500 to your weekend.11) Having shopped to your hearts content you head back home where Soko is preparing you a home-cooked meal, her favourite to be exact. 12) Finally, on your last night as man & wife (or wife & wife) you head to her show with the VIP experience she provided on your first meeting.After having what sounds like THE MOST EPIC WEEKEND ever you will have spent a minimal $62,036 (note the sarcasm) and will have had an experience no other fan (and I mean that literally because I don’t know many fans that could afford all these prizes). There is a little part of me that is jealous of this because if $60,000 meant nothing to me I would probably do this, she seems amazeballs. -Court WSoko’s My Dreams Dictate My Reality is available now where all great records are sold | streamed
Ones To Watch - Tei Shi
Here’s a nice bit of newness we weren’t hip to until now… Neat video too and this killer remix by Honne is well worth three and a half minutes of your time.
THE WEEKEND HAS LANDED EARLY!Diplo & Skrillex aka Jack Ü are currently streaming a live 24 hour marathon DJ party set from someone’s living room and are dropping some serious bangers… What are you waiting for?! Join the party over at http://jackuofficial.com/
Soundwave Ban The Selfie Stick
So Soundwave have put their foot down. No selfie-sticks allowed people, soz. You are just going to have to use the arms genetics gave you… or perhaps refrain from taking so many selfies and just, I don’t know, live in the moment?Promoter AJ Maddah took to social media over the weekend to voice his disdain for what’s been appropriately coined “wands of narcissism”, asking for everyone with selfie - sticks at Soundwave to “have some consideration for the people behind you trying to enjoy the show. Thank you”. Hear Hear! Maddah’s experience in Melbourne & Adelaide is what drove him to impose the selfie - stick ban on the upcoming Sydney and Brisbane shows. It was one incident in particular (concerning a self-involved female punter) that was the final straw. Speaking with Fairfax he retells the moment he decided enough was enough “I think the one that kind of put it in perspective for me was there was a band set going and a young girl pointed it at herself. It took every fibre of resistance I had not to just grab the stick off her and kick her out” But that’s not all. Maddah has extended his loathing of narcissistic support tools to other forms of technology, in particular, tablet computers. If you are caught trying to bring one of these into Soundwave (and in all sincerity, why the fuck would you? If you want to take a picture logistically it’s easier to bring your phone right?), you’ll also have that confiscated. So there.And in case you’re wondering Maddah has no intention of reconsidering his ban of the photography apparatus……. like ever. In reply to a tweet from a festival goer who warned “ ….if one gets in my way , its broken”  Maddah  made his decision clear and very final “ Oh there won’t be one at SW. Ever again.” I’m glad someone has spoken publicly about these god-awful sticks. Look, I’m comparatively short, or as my 6’5 brother likes to label me, vertically challenged. Every gig I go to I have to position myself so that a dude tall enough to pass as a Marfan’s Syndrome sufferer, or a structurally integral pylon, doesn’t obstruct my view of the stage. On top of that I’ve had  to contend with selfie sticks, an annoyingly disruptive piece of metal designed by some moron to feed the narcissism and lack of social etiquette of other morons. Brilliant.Therefore, I endorse the ban! Not only at festivals but also at music venues, and I am sure you don’t need to be short to appreciate the anti selfie-stick movement.-Bise
Hit Projections
Romare - the spiritual one (literally) has finally served up an album.We’d put Projections on our Christmas wish list but that would be way too long to wait… Oh well, might have to treat ourselves to the double LP and t-shirt just because.While we’re on the topic of ‘projections’, here’s one for you - this WILL be one of THE albums of 2015.
Choice Cuts
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That's it! Try opening your own PSD now.
Jack Ü
Take Ü There (Feat. Kiesza) [Missy Elliott Remix]
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Craft with Kit (Ep 1) starring GROUPLOVE